Allen Carr Stop Smoking Method Saves Lives

Allen Carr Stop Smoking Method

Allen Carr has revolutionised the way that people approach stopping smoking. Through his bestselling book he has changed the lives of millions of smokers and probably saved the lives of millions too. His method for helping people to stop delves deep into the reasons why an individual smokes and although his book has been read by people all over the world it is astonishing that most smokers who read it say it seems to be a profoundly personal book that seems to speak directly to them.

allen carr methodAllen Carr hasn’t stopped at helping people to stop smoking. His life coaching and wellness knowledge have also extended into him writing bestsellers on helping people to lose weight and also to kick drinking habits.

The Allen Carr method stops people smoking. Period. He himself was a smoker of 100 cigarettes a day at one point in his life – and sadly died of lung cancer – but is attributed with saving the lives of millions of smokers who have read his book ‘Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking’ or maybe attended one of his self help seminars or stop smoking clinics around the world.

The book itself digs deep into the reasons why people smoke and why they can’t give up, or at least think they can’t. It works through scenarios that place the reader in situations where they have to ask themselves deep and meaningful questions about themselves and really confront their demons. One by one the barriers are broken down and the reasons for not smoking are removed and battered down. Any book that sells over 13 million copies has got to be talking a lot of sense.

Alan Carr stop smoking success stories reach far and wide and across the globe. This is a book for people who REALLY want to stop smoking and make a real positive and log lasting change in their life, their ongoing health and the ongoing happiness of themselves and their family.

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