Celebrities Who Smoke

Celebrities that Smoke

Celebrities who smoke are having an increasing influence on young people are particularly teen smoking as young people look to their hero’s of TV, film music and reality TV as being their role models and when a celebrity smoker turns up on social media with a cigarette in their mouth it’s not long before this image is seen by millions of impressionable young people.

It is perhaps a strangely worrying fact that ‘does Jennifer Aniston smoke’ is a recognized searched for term in google along with ‘Angelina Jolie smoking’ and apart from the fact that Brad Pitt obviously has some crazy power to make the women in his life take up this life threatening habit, we are still obsessed with celebrities and their often damaging behavior.

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Peer pressure is no doubt strong enough in modern society without the unnecessary influence and bad behavior of celebrities. This just adds to the battle that educators and health professional face throughout America each and every day to try and reverse the trend of 1 in 5 teenagers from starting smoking.

The pressure has to be put on these celebrity smokers to be more aware and responsible when smoking in public. Lung cancer does not have any respect for wealth, stature or success and everyone has the right to chose what they do with their own life but young people can’t be subjected to the images and videos of their idols glamorizing smoking.

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The media are probably just as much to blame as they help to thrust the faces of celebrities smoking into our lives through paparazzi snaps with long angled lenses and cash being paid for controversial and thought provoking images. So what can we do as a society to reverse all these negative trends and start to make a real positive impact on cutting down on the increasing in teen smokers. Perhaps the Allen Carr method would work with young people or is it down to the celebrities who smoke (or who have quit smoking) to come out and publicly speak out about the dangers and risk of this terrible habit?

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