Ecig As an Alternative to Smoking

Will the ecig ever replace real cigarettes?

This is a question that a lot of health experts and medical professionals around the world will hope to answer with a resounding yes. The basic facts are there for everyone to see and the ecig is pretty straight forward in what it is attempting to achieve. Essentially it’s smoking with the tar and numerous carcinogens associated with normal smoking.

ecig and how it works

There is still debate though on how effective the ecig is in stopping people smoking and another argument that it is actually actively encourage teen smoking as it is a relatively cheap and easy way to start the habitual use, patterns and behaviors associated with actual smoking.

It’s very important to understand that while smokers can still get their much needed nicotine fix from electronic cigarettes, their lungs are spared from the harmful effects of tar. This tobacco residue is among the top health threats that smokers get from cigarettes as it damages the lungs over time and causes all sorts of problems. The eliquid that becomes vapor contains nicotine that satisfies a smoker’s craving, but tar is left out of the equation permanently.

Smoking E Cigs is allowed in certain public areas

Most governments have cracked down on public smoking decades ago and proceeded to enact strict laws and penalties against it. Electronic cigarettes, however, are allowed in certain public areas as well as a number of commercial establishments. In fact, there are some restaurants, malls, and major shops in a few cities of major countries that allow the use of e-cigarettes. This would save smokers from having to find a place to light up or vape, without having to subject non-smokers to second-hand smoking. It is also much more discreet since vapor does not have any distinctive smell, even in the case of flavored eliquids.

Long term monetary savings

Apart from being kinder to one’s health, using ecigs allow for bigger savings especially for heavy smokers. Those who smoke at least one pack a day will find that switching to vaping can reduce their spending up to 50%. Once you have the basic paraphernalia (cartridge and charger), all there is to purchase is the eliquid. Even for smokers who prefer various flavors and nicotine levels, the long term savings are still significant enough to make it worth the switch – at least for your pocket

Celebrity smokers such as a-listers Leonardo DiCaprio have been seen quite publicly smoking ecigs and this is a far more favorable image to be putting out there than celebrities smoking real cigarettes and glamorising the habit for young people.

ecig smoking celebrities

Many e cigarette brands are available for sale in almost all stores and online shops, much like traditional tobacco. When e cigs first appeared on the market, they were largely only available online. These days, however, they are made available even in convenience stores, groceries, and practically any store where tobacco is also sold.